FMP 1836 – Frequency Transducer

The 2 channel frequency transducer FMP 1836 displays all measurands which can be converted to the equivalent paramenter frequency by applicable transmitters.

Der FMP 1836 kann einerseits zur Drehrichtungserkennung im Mehrquadrantenbetrieb und andererseits zur Grenzwertüberwachung von sieben Grenzwerten eingesetzt werden.

FMP 1836-8008 Detection of the rotation direction (4-quadrant operation)


The FMP 1836 is designed for the recognition of rotation direction of two signals, out of phase 90° (4-quadrant operation). The directions of CLOCKWISE and COUNTERCLOCKWISE are connected to the frequency input.

The mA output can be used for the actual speed of the frequencies. The integrated relays show the status of the direction. Additionally one relay can be programmed for limit value monitoring.

FMP 1836-8001 for monitoring of limit values and standstill

The FMP 1836 with its 2 frequency inputs and 4 freely programmable relay output can be used for limit value and standstill monitoring.

Each relay can be programmed with a limitator which provides 5 operation modes:

  • Lower limit value („Underrange“)
  • Opper limit value („Overrange“)
  • Band limit value („Band“)
  • Notch limit value („Notch“)

Each limitator can be programmed with a trigger delay. For the lower and upper limit a hysteresis band can be defined.

Field of Applications

  • Actual value for analogue speed
  • Test stands
  • Turbines
  • Paper, fibre, film, steel and crane industry
  • textile machines
  • Generators
  • Centrifuges
  • Emergency diesel
  • Agitators

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