Digital Controller Shimaden SR 23

The precision digital controller SR 23 (front frame 96 x 96 mm) is a highly precise, very stable temperature and process controller. The process value and setpoint are displayed on a dual 7-segment display. Alarm messages, programmer and control loop status are visualized via LED displays.


User-defined messages and LED displays make operation easy.

An infrared interface with PC operating software is available as standard for programming the device.

An infrared communication adapter S5004 including USB cable for the PC is also available for infrared communication between the device and the PC.


  • isolated process inputs current – voltage

  • 2 control loops PID
    Heating – cooling – cascade

  • High accuracy 0,1%

  • Monitoring of heater break
  • Max. 10 digitale input und 13 digitale output

  • RS 232C and RS 485 MODBUS interface

  • Dust and splash proof front panel equivalent to IP 66

  • CE approved UL applied


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