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Process Indicator

Process Indicator – 2 step controller PMO 5005

The 4-decade process indicator PMO 5005 S4 G2 (front frame 48x 24 mm, supply voltage output 24 V, DC) can be used universally for connection to e.g. temperature and pressure transmitter in 2- or 3-wire technology as well as sensors with output 0 (2) – 10 V. All functions are

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Process Indicator SD 17

The 4 digit process indicator SD 17 (front frame: 96 x 48 mm) is suitable for displaying measured values, forming and monitoring the process variables temperature, current and voltage. Programming is carried out on the membrane keys on the front. With current or voltage input, a display scaling between 10

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Digital Controller

Digital Controller Shimaden SR 90

The digital controllers of the SR 90 series consist of 4 freely programmable devices with different front frames according to DIN standard They are used for controlling temperature – pressure and other process variables, which are available as 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 V signals. The devices

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Digital Controller Shimaden SR 80

The MPU-based auto-tuningPID digital controllers of the Shimaden SR 80 series with different front frames in DIN standard are used for precise temperature control in furnace construction. The devices have 2 controller outputs “heating – cooling”. They also have the option of multi-zone control and cascade control. Front frame: SR

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Digital Controller Shimaden SR 23

The precision digital controller SR 23 (front frame 96 x 96 mm) is a highly precise, very stable temperature and process controller. The process value and setpoint are displayed on a dual 7-segment display. Alarm messages, programmer and control loop status are visualized via LED displays. User-defined messages and LED

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Digital Controller Shimaden MR 13

The 3-channel program controller Shimaden MR 13 (front frame 96 x 96 mm) is an MPU-based auto-tuning PID programmable controller for the areas of oven construction, food industry and waste water technology. The device has three measurement inputs, three controller outputs, three limit values and 1 program profile with 9 steps.

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Programmable Controller

Programmable Controller Shimaden FP 23 A

The FP 23 precision programmable controller (front frame 96 x 96 mm) is an an MPU-based auto-tuning PID programmable controller for clean room technology, furnace construction and the food industry. An infrared interface with PC operating software is available as standard for programming the device. An infrared communication adapter S5004

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Programmable Controller Shimaden FP 93

The programmable controller Shimaden FP 93  (front frame 96 x 96 mm) is an MPU-based auto-tuning PID programmable controller for plant engineering and mechanical engineering.  The device has a multi input THE – WTH – I – U, four program profiles with 40 steps. Highlights Multi-input (THE – WTH –

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