Process Indicator – 2 step controller PMO 5005

The 4-decade process indicator PMO 5005 S4 G2 (front frame 48x 24 mm, supply voltage output 24 V, DC) can be used universally for connection to e.g. temperature and pressure transmitter in 2- or 3-wire technology as well as sensors with output 0 (2) – 10 V.

All functions are set using the front keyboard.

2 relay outputs are integrated for min-max monitoring.

To achieve a high level of interference immunity, the 18-30 V, DC supply voltage is galvanically isolated from the measurement input, 24 V supply voltage and alarm outputs.

To be discontinued in December 2021.

Update 06/01/2022: Remaining stock still available!!


  • Easy programming via 2 buttons after removing the front screen

  • 2 and 3 wire transmitter supply

  • Measuring range and display, individually programmable

  • Averaging 1 – 20 sec.

  • The input and output circuits are galvanically isolated from each other and from the mains circuit as well as ground.
  • 2 limit values / relays, max-min working quiescent current

  • Power supply 18 – 30 V, DC, galvanically isolated to the measuring input and transmitter supply voltage output

  • All parameters in non-volatile EPROM

  • Display brightness programmable in 7 levels

  • Signaling of over and underrange 



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