Process Indicator PMO 2101/ 2105, PMO 4105

PMO 2105

The 5-decade process indicator PMO 2101 / PMO 2105 (front frame 96 x 48 mm) and PMO 4105 (front frame 144 x 72 mm) can be used universally for the display of measured values, conversion and monitoring of the process variables temperature, current, voltage, resistance, frequency, rotational speed and speed.

Functions such as linearization via support points, difference and percentage difference can be programmed on the front keyboard. The programming function is blocked by means of a slide switch on the rear. However, the limit values can still be adjusted from the front.

All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. 115/230 V, AC and 18 – 30 V, DC are available for mains supply.

Further technical data regarding frequency measurement can be found in the area of speed, under the product point digital tachometer.

To be discontinued in December 2021.


  • 5 digit display – peak value storage

  • verage determination of 1 – 20 s

  • Linearisation of the measured value up to 10 vertexes

  • circuit break control
  • Digital input for Start/Stopp, testing of the display, retrace blanking

  • Analog output over 5 display decades, class 0.1

  • 2-wire transducer power supply 15 or 24 V DC, 50 mA

  • 1 mA Constant current source



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