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Welcome Esters Elektronik GmbH

The company Esters Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1974 and has been a successful provider of solutions in industrial measurement and control technology for more than 45 years.

With our many years of experience in practice as well as research and development, we offer you the decisive benefit for your company.

Product Presentation

Introducing Fluidistor Gas Flow meter GD 300 (Ex) / GD 500 (Ex)

In 3-5 minutes the video gives you a quick overview of the different areas of application, designs and a summary of the most important advantages of the Fluidistor Gas Flow Meter.

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EOL: Shimaden Hybrid Recorder

Shimaden has announced the discontinuation of the Hybrid Recorders of the following series. Hybrid Recorder SR106A Series  Hybrid Recorder SR186A Series  Hybrid Recorder SR107 Series

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