TR 1703 – Incremental Buffer Stage

TR 1703

The Buffer Stage TR 1703 serves as the galvanic separation of incremental impulses (0 – 200 KHz) and their bypass into different installation parts. It is equipped with a programmable digital divider 1 – 500 in order to process high impulse signals in to a measured data acquisition system.

All kinds of signals and divider functions can be adjusted by the customer with jumpers at the front.

  • One and multiquadrant operation
  • Frequency range 0 – 200 kHz
  • Input level TTL – HTL
  • Output level 5-15-24 V
  • Frequency divider integer (1-500) programmable (option P4)

The TR 1703 is the direct successor to the incremental buffer stage TR 1702.


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