Flow Computer GDR 1501 – End of Life


The flow computer of the GDR 1501 series are used to calculate the current gas quantity. The actual amount of gas can be displayed in cubic meters or liters on an hourly or minute basis.

The total quantity counter can be output in cubic meters or liters. The counter can display up to 100 million cubic meters. The resolution is 0.1 litres.


  • 4-line display of 20 characters
  • Multilingual menu (german, english, italian, french, spanish, more in progress)
  • Capacitive and wear-free touch keypad
  • Full device configuration via touch keypad, no additional software required
  • Protection of the configuration via security code
  • Recording of essential actions with time stamp in the system logbook (device start, sensor failure, overrange, etc.)
  • Easy and fast cable connection thanks to tool-free push-in connections
  • Housing material made of UV-resistant polycarbonate, protection class: IP 65
  • Persistent meter reading for 5 years
  • Integrated real-time clock,
    battery buffered over 5 years
  • Standardization according to DIN 1343, DIN 6358, DIN ISO 2533, DIN 102/ISO 1-1975
  • Freely scalable current output for the current flow
  • Adjustable pulse weighting (0.1, 1 or 10 or 100 m3
    per pulse)
  • Optional data transfer via  Modbus RTU


The devices process an input signal regarding the gas flow. For connection 4 different types of inputs are available.

Gas flow meters GD 300/ GD 500:

  • Direct connection of the platinum wire sensor in the NON-ATEX area.

  • In the ATEX area, the pulse input is connected via the HB 300 Ex.


Third party products:

  • Impulse input for open collector and reed relays
  • NAMUR input
GD 300 with wafer connection and GDR 1501 (NON-ATEX area)

The current output gives the current flow rate per hour or minute and the solid state relay passes the defined pulses to a superior PLC system.

With the ECO and PRO versions the normalized flow per hour or minute can be calculated and transfered with the current output.

The standardization can be calculated according to the standards DIN 1343, DIN 6358, DIN ISO 2533, DIN 102 / ISO 1-1975.

The required values of pressure and temperature are defined in the ECO version with fixed values. The PRO version provides two additional current inputs for a pressure and temperature sensors as well as a pt100 sensor.

All parameter settings / configuration can be set using the touch keypad.



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